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One Mission… Many Ways To Help!

Confidence, curiosity, and courage. Girls Inc. mentors let girls know it is important to try new things, to keep going, and to stand up for themselves and for others.

Experiences that have life-long impact as girls discover their strengths, plan for the future, and learn how to work with others.

The chance to be the first in her family to go to college. 85% of our girls’ families struggle to make ends meet. Many of our girls going to college will lead the way in their family.

Access to our computer lab and Operation SMART, our acclaimed STEM programs help girls learn to ask great questions and learn from bold mistakes.

Belief in her potential, by being one of the hundreds of people around Siouxland (and beyond!) who care enough to invest in her future.

Your Donation’s Value

See the value of each donation by clicking on the tiles below.

$50 Donation

$50 Provides weekly membership scholarship assistance during the school year so that all girls have the opportunity to take part in the Girls Inc. Experience.

$100 Donation

$100 Provides a summer activity fee scholarship to pay for swimming, field trips, special events, and activities.

$500 Donation

$500 Provides a school year teen member to participate in a six-week program covering topics including leadership, pregnancy prevention and substance abuse prevention.

$1,000 Donation

$1,000 Provides a full summer scholarship for a special girl who could not otherwise afford to attend.

$5,000 Donation

$5,000 Homework help and computer lab instructional programs for girls through the Helen K. Gleeson Tutoring Center.

$10,000 Donation

$10,000 Provides The Girls Inc. Experience to one age group during the summer.

Our friends, volunteers, supporters and donors believe in changing lives.

They believe in helping hundreds of Siouxland girls discover that they can be strong, smart, and bold too.

Thank you.

Help by Giving

Donating supports a local Siouxland Non-Profit organization that works directly with girls, all throughout the tri-state area.

Help by Volunteering

Volunteering promotes personal growth and self esteem, while helping the community. Volunteer today!


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